Moog Sonic Six


Quote from Thomas L. Rhea, Ph.D. from The Moog Sonic Six operation manual-1972:

"The Moog Sonic Six makes use of technology and design features found on the largest studio-oriented Moog Synthesizers. Connection of the modules on the Sonic Six can be accomplished efficiently and quickly with rotary knobs and slider controls. The Moog Sonic Six can therefore function equally well as the heart of an electronic music studio or as a live-performance instrument."

Quote from Larry Benigno - Sonic Music:

"The Moog Sonic Six was my first synthesizer. After all these years it still remains my favorite monophonic synthesizer. There is a mode which gives the instrument the ability to have one of the two oscillators 'glide', which creates a sound like no other synthesizer I've ever heard."

"Sonic Music" was conceived in 1982 and named after the Moog Sonic Six.